Work off those Easter eggs


Spinks & Co. presents the 20 Ball Burn drill, guaranteed to improve your tennis skills and burn those chocolate-induced calories that tend to creep up over Easter!

2 players
1 tennis court
1 bucket of tennis balls

One player stands on the baseline in the center of the court. The other player, with the bucket of balls, should stand in the middle of the court – anywhere from the baseline to the net. The person with the bucket of balls feeds the balls to the other player. The goal is to make the person on the baseline run as much as possible. Each ball the player successfully runs down and hits in the court is plus one. Each ball he or she misses or cannot retrieve is minus one. Once the player reaches plus twenty, the drill is complete. Although the returning player will soon tire, coaches should stress strong fundamentals and effort. Points within long matches can run long and those who are strong in the end will succeed.



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Work off those Easter eggs