New Pool Regulations for Qld Home Owners


New pool regulations come into play on the 1st December, 2010 – the key changes are as follows:

  • Pool safety certificates are required when selling, buying or leasing a property with a pool.
  • Both new and existing pools must be upgraded to comply with the standards by 30th November 2015, or earlier if sold or leased first.
  • All swimming pools need to be registered by 4 May 2011

If selling or buying a property with a non-shared pool, such as a house or townhouse or unit with its own pool or spa, a pool safety certificate must be obtained from a licensed pool safety inspection.  If leasing, the owner must provide the pool safety certificate before entering into the lease.

If selling, the owner can provide the buyer with a pool safety certificate prior to settlement or alternatively the seller must issue the buyer with a Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate – Form 36 before entering into the contract of sale and before settlement.  This form advises the buyer or pool owner that they have 90 days to obtain a pool safety certificate form the date of settlement.

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New Pool Regulations for Qld Home Owners